Wednesday, March 20

Big Idea: Know how to simplify and perform operations with radicals both square and cube roots.

Screen cast for Simplifying and Multiplying square and cube roots.

Simplifying Square Roots with answers
Adding/Subtracting Square Roots with answers
Multiplying/Distributing with answers (page 2)
Simplifying Radicals with answers

Thursday, March 21

Friday, March 22

Midterm Review Page, due Tuesday

Monday, March 25

Worked in the library on the Golden Ratio project. Groups of 4 were formed, finished product is due on Wednesday, April 17. We will have 2 more class days to work on this project, Monday 4/8 and Friday 4/12. Use your time wisely while in class so you can be sure to finish promptly.

Tuesday, March 26

Midterm in-class review
Midterm Review Page, answers

Wednesday, March 27


Thursday, March 28

Tesla "Mad Electricity"
1) Write a synopsis of Tesla's life and contribution to world in which we live.
2)After viewing the video and the documents of your choosing, what is your view of Tesla's legacy?

Monday, April 8

Big Idea: Know how operations with i are similar to operations with variables. Are simplifying radicals with imaginary numbers any different than positive radicands, or essentially the same?

Complex Numbers PowerPoint
Complex Numbers screen cast part 1
Complex Numbers screen cast part 2

Operations with Complex Numbers and answers

EXTRA HELP w/ Complex Numbers
Khan Academy introductory type problems, concept of i
Khan Academy adding and subtracting complex numbers Practice
Khan Academy multiplying binomials with complex numbers Practice
Khan Academy dividing complex numbers using conjugates Practice

Tuesday, April 9

Fractals Video "Hunting the Hidden Dimension."

While watching the video, respond to these questions.

Wednesday, April 10

Thursday, April 11

Formative Exam

Big Idea: Solving polynomial functions using graphing, synthetic division, and the quadratic formula (use prior knowledge from Unit 3). Simplify radicals with and without imaginary numbers.

Review these notes for Monday's classwork
Simplifying Completely Quadratics and Other Polynomials w/complex numbers PowerPoint
Simplifying Completely Quadratics and Other Polynomials w/complex numbers screen cast

Optional Additional Practice
Solving Quadratics you can complete the square or use the quadratic formula
Using the Quadratic Formula

Friday, April 12

Media Center- Finish up Golden Ratio Projects, due on Wednesday, April 17.

Monday, April 15
Solving Radicals Last Screen Cast for Unit 4
If you need more video or practice lessons with support, click UNIT 4 EXTRA HELP on the right and scroll down to the Solving Radicals section.
Solving Radicals PPT

Review for Unit 4 TEST (Friday, April 19, 2013)

UNIT 4 REVIEW PPT with practice problems from book

Wednesday/Thursday, April 17-18, 2013

Unit 4 REVIEW worksheet
Unit 4 REVIEW worksheet page 1 answers
Unit 4 REVIEW worksheet page 2 answers

Friday, April 19

Unit 4 Test