Friday, March 1
Big Idea: Be sure you can identify if a point is a relative max or relative minimum. Be able to describe end behavior. We'll talk more about these in class. Prior Knowledge: You should know how to graph all types of equations in order to be successful in Unit 3. You should know how to find the maximum and minimum of a function on the calculator or by hand.
Screen cast for Graphing Polynomials and finding Turning Points
PowerPoint for Graphing Polynomials and finding Turning Points

Monday, March 4
We will not be meeting Tuesday, March 5, due to ACT testing. The following links are review, what should be prior knowledge, but they will also prepare you for class on Wednesday when we solve quadratics by factoring.
Factoring Quadratics, The McVey Method, The Box Method
Practice Factoring
Practice Worksheet with answers

Tuesday, March 5
Big Idea: Being an expert in factoring will make Algebra II, Pre-Calc and Calculus much easier for you! Know it NOW!!!
Solving Quadratics by FACTORING from class Monday, Solving Quadratics by GRAPHING

Big Idea: Know what the discriminant is and BE SURE to ask questions if you don't know what it is for. Our practice in class will require you to analyze the discriminant and determine the number of roots based on the value of the discriminant.
Solving Quadratics by QUADRATIC FORMULA

Wednesday, March 6

Big Idea: Know how to factor perfect square trinomials. This is the fourth and last method we will learn for solving quadratics.

Solve Quadratics by Completing the Square This PPT has many more examples than the screen cast that you need to be able solve.
Completing the Square screen cast
Completing the Square screen cast, when your coefficient is not 1.
Practice finding c
Practice with answers completing the square

Thursday, March 7

Big Idea: Using completing the square to solve quadratic functions.

Textbook Registration Link

In class practice on Completing the Square (textbook 4-6)

Friday, March 8

Big Idea: Application word problems for quadratic functions.
Synthetic Division (ppt)
Synthetic Division screen cast Synthetic Division screen cast for school

Screen cast for Solving Polynomial Equations BIG UGLIES Solving Polynomials screen cast for school
Solving Polynomials BIG UGLY (ppt)

Wednesday, March 13
Algebra II Standards Classwork: p. 285 #8-31, p. 293 #35-38

Thursday, March 14 Happy Pi Day! Specifically to my favorite mathematician Archimedes... EUREKA!! -Rettig

Watch The Secrets of Archimedes and take notes on a) Archimedes' greatest discoveries and b) which one you think was most revolutionary at the time. Also, be sure you can identify the following: Syracuse, Alexandria, Palimpsest, The Method, and most importantly be sure you could explain Archimedes' method used to approximate pi.

Friday, March 15
Read Contemplating Infinity
What is greater, infinity plus one or infinity plus two?
"Infinity is where things happen that don't."

Monday, March 18

Test Review:
Unit 3 Test (sneak peek)