Week 2

Monday, January 28

Big idea for your notes:
What are the Six Parent Functions in Standard Form? (Use your favorite search engine if the video does not give you all the information you need...)
Parent Function Rap

Graphing linear, quadratic, radical, and exponential functions.

Practice Graphing Functions
Absolute Value, Quadratic (only page 2), & Radical (#5-11, 13, 14) functions, we'll do more with exponential later...

Tuesday, January 29

Big idea for your Notes:

How do you know when a function shifts vertically vs. horizontally?
Transformations of Functions
More Transformations
OK, Last Oneā€¦


Absolute Value, Quadratic (only page 2), & Radical (#5-11, 13, 14)
Describe the transformation (shift) of each from the parent function. Example: for #1 on the Absolute Value worksheet, you would write "Right two, and down four."

Wednesday, January 30

Big idea for your notes: Focus on how Inequalities are different from equations. Make sure you know how to use a "test point." How do you tell if a function has a dashed line or solid line?
Graphing Linear Inequalities with Two-Variables, Graphing Absolute Value Inequalities, Quadratic Inequalities

Create an Online Textbook account (if you have not done so already, you are behind!) and complete the online textbook assignment.
Graphing Linear Inequalities

Thursday, January 31

Big idea for the notes: Do you know what a QR Code is and how to use one?

Download "QR Code Reader" for iPad or iPhone by TapMedia LTD for a group
classroom activity on Monday, if you have one of these devices. For Android devices, I recommend "Barcode Scanner" from the Google Play store.


Did this work?? If not, I recommend trying a different Barcode Scanner App.

Review for Test 1A #TestTomorrow

Start of Unit 1B

Friday, February 1

Key Questions: What are the methods for solving systems of equations? How do you determine the number of solutions? Is one method ever better than the other? Why?

Notes on Solving Systems of Equations (Substitution and Elimination) PowerPoint ONLY

Below is a screen cast of the same PowerPoint on Solving Systems, but with voiced over instructions. However, if you've already HAD IT UP TO HERE with my voice, then just hit MUTE!! :) But then I guess that pretty much defeats the purpose of the voiced over instructions, so maybe you just want to click through the PowerPoint above. Either way, enjoy!


Solving Sytemswith answers. Although the worksheet says elimination you need to be proficient at using both methods. As you practice, consider why it might be better to use the substitution or elimination method. Be prepared to discuss in class.

Week 3

Monday, February 4

Big Ideas: What does it mean graphically to be a solution to an inequality? What about to a system of inequalities? How many equations constitute a system?

Solving Systems of Inequalities with a link to the practice.

Solving System of Inequalities screen cast lesson (use the first link in order to access the practice worksheet).

Tuesday, February 5

Big Ideas: What is linear programming? How do you find the feasible region? What does it mean to maximize or minimize?

Linear Programming (slides 1-5)

Linear Programming screen cast lesson with audio

Practice: Linear Programming Practice with some answers

Wednesday, February 6

Big Ideas: How are linear programming problems used in real-life situations?

Linear Programming (slide 6)

Thursday, February 7


Friday, February 8

Unit 1B Test (sneak peak)
Unit 1B Test PDF

Monday, February 11

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 5.32.44 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 5.33.37 PM.png

Winters Unit 1B Review Answers


Linear Programming Word Problem

A calculator company produces a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator. Long-term projections indicate an expected demand of at least 100 scientific and 80 graphing calculators each day. Because of limitations on production capacity, no more than 200scientific and 170 graphing calculators can be made daily. To satisfy a shipping contract, a total of at least 200 calculators much be shipped each day.
If each scientific calculator sold results in a $2 loss, but each graphing calculator produces a $5 profit, how many of each type should be made daily to maximize net profits?

Screen cast of the above word problem